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Objectives: This paper will examine features that usually characterize the community care services that exist in the Greek island rural areas, case study of the island Tinos, and affect the role of these services οn local community. It is hypothesized that these features affect the objectives of community services to meet the needs of older people (the majority of users) and their carers.

Design: Qualitative data were collected through individual in-depth interviews and focus groups of 64 persons (older people, carers, staff and providers). A new framework is used, based on prior theoretical models, to present various enabling and obstructing factors1 which are derived from different resources and affect the role of local care services.

Results:The findings suggest that endogenous factors that are shaped by the services themselves may include coverage of needs and quality of services combined with staff attitudes towards older people in need.These influencing factors impact on intermediate and final outputs from community services.Actually, the enabling and obstructing factors impact on the provision and delivery of services, the accessibility and utilisation of provided care services, as well as on the perceived benefits of these services.

Conclusions: Certain factors, like the features of the community care services themselves facilitate or impede the role of community care services in the Greek rural island context. It is essential that policy makers take into account the most influential local parameters and needs when designing effective local care services.

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