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The Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science (HJNS) is an official publication of the Hellenic Regulatory Board of Nurses (HRBoN). It is a multidimensional, peer-reviewed journal aiming at the promotion of Nursing Science in Greece.

This Journal is the contribution of the Hellenic Regulatory Board of Nurses towards the advancement of scientific nursing knowledge, and it aims at opening a new chapter in modern Greek nursing history.

In this context, the Journal has the following aims:

  • To promote Nursing Science;
  • To contribute to the quality of care accorded to individuals, social groups and the general population in any state of health and sickness;
  • To highlight and investigate in a scientific manner nursing issues;
  • The production of nursing policies, and
  • To boost nursing research.

The Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science(HJNS), accredited by the Greek Ministry of Health (registration number 122-7/08/2009), is a reliable, modern, three-monthly scientific journal, available both electronically and in print to all interested researchers, university teachers, students, to the nursing community in general and to Greek and international high and higher educational institutions.

It is also a valuable tool for scientific knowledge for Greek nurses, nursing students, other healthcare and behaviour professionals, and any other readers seeking scientific information and education.

It also provides novice scientists with an easy access to nursing knowledge and advancement, while clinical nurses and nursing teachers have the opportunity to publish their research and accept constructive criticism. On a secondary level, the Journal seeks to raise other scientists’ awareness about nursing as a discipline, and promote cooperation among healthcare services.

The Journal publishes research studies, literature reviews, original articles and book reviews in the following areas:

  • Nursing Research
  • Health Management
  • Nursing Education
  • Clinical Nursing
  • Community Nursing
  • Ethics in Nursing
  • Regulation and Legislation in Nursing

The Scientific Editorial Board of the Journal:

  1. Claims that the open access to research, reviews and other articles widely contributes to the advancement and evolution of Nursing Science having as a final aim the quality of the provides nursing care.
  2. Engages to maintain the quality of the journal at a high level and promote the scientific knowledge.
  3. Provides the necessary tools and knowledge for the sound organization and presentation of the publication.
  4. Promotes free and open access to the scientific knowledge for health care workers.
  5. Acknowledges the scientific needs of the Nursing community and contributes to their satisfaction though the creation of the present journal.