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The economic crisis of recent years has inevitably led to an increase in unemployment due to the decline in the economic power of the labor market. As a consequence, discomfort and consequently a decrease in quality of life is spotted in the wider work environment, which depends on both endogenous and exogenous factors.

The impact of the economic crisis on the job satisfaction of nursing staff in the Region of Achaia. The present study has looked into factors such as salary, labor relations, supervision, potential earnings, the general work environment and the communication context. The Paul Spector Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) was used, consisting of a 6-step scale from full agreement of the respondent to complete discrepancy. The sample size was 100 persons, the majority of which completed the questionnaire electronically, except from nine individuals who completed the questionnaire by hand. Quantitative data analysis was used in a randomized experimental design regarding descriptive and inductive statistics.

The majority of the respondents were mainly females (87%). The 25-35 years old age group was the main age group of the respondents. Regarding the question about their remuneration, 50% of respondents described it as unfair with regards to their work, which was in line with the 39% of those who generally felt that their work was not well appreciated. Furthermore, the majority of the sample felt less likely to be promoted.

The conclusions drawn from the study showed that the job satisfaction of the nursing staff in the Achaia Region has been negatively affected by the economic crisis. Significant reference was made by respondents to their salary, as they believed that they should be modified to reflect a fairer recognition of the difficulty and importance of their work, and to enhance the sense of collaboration and coexistence through more efficient communication.

Key-words: Financial crisis, job satisfaction, nursing staff.

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