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Smart cards provide an easy and safe medical information way of storage.More analytically,they provide direct access at the medical information, they preserve medical privacy, furthermore, smart cards provide controlled access in its data and also they are compatible with all Medical Information Systems, networks and applications. In case of loss they are deactivated and replaced at once. In addition they support quittance services and provide data for the people with special health care needs.

Aim of present bibliographic review is the study of prospect for development of smart cards in the field of health.

For this aim became bibliographic review which was supported in the international bibliography at the time interval 1990 -2008, that concerns smart cards of health and their application in Greece.

There were sought studies published in international scientific periodicals, initially written in the English language as well as Greek studies.As main tool of retraction of bibliography was used the Internet and particularly Internet websites as databases and libraries: Pubmed, Medline, Google. The words keys that were placed to search were: Notebook of health, smart card, smart card of Health, European card of Health, Society of Information (e.t.c.]). Moreover became research into magazines and books, lecture notes and diplomatic work.

Smart cards provide an easy and sure way of storage medical information. Greece observes international developments and as member of European Union participates in the efforts for developing the applications of smart cards of health and social insurance with very good results.

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