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The alcohol abuse is a global problem which over the last decades became a matter of concern to the international scientific community and simultaneously the consequences of this overconsumption to the health, social life and finances of the individuals have been documented via research. Besides the effects to the various organ systems within the human body, the alcohol abuse may cause the appearance of various disorders that affect the long-term behavior and mental health of the individual. A result of the aforementioned is the fact that this situation affects the individual’s occupation while a field undergoing investigation is that of health care. Professionals in health care experience intense stress due to the particularities they face in their working environment and their constant contact with illness. As a result research designates problems of alcoholism in health care professionals. The purpose of this descriptive study is updating information about the impact of alcohol abuse and the relation between alcohol consumption and healthcare professionals.

Key Words: alcohol, alcoholism, health professionals, abuse

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