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Introduction: The dramatic rise of skin cancer incidence and the fact that it appears in younger ages, has attracted interest from many researchers and the World Health Organization. It has been documented that prolonged sun exposure during childhood and adolescence is an important risk factor for developing skin cancer as an adult.

Materials and Methods: The epidemiological study will be based on the research protocol. This study is aimed at documenting knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of adolescents regarding sun exposure and related health effects.

Literature Review: The methology followed, included the search for review and research studies, in electronic databases as well as (PubMed, Cinahl, Scopus) and Iatrotek the last twenty years, using key words as sun protection, melanoma, adolescents, sunscreen, sun radiation. From the literature review international data were found from simiral studies and survey tool ( questionnaire) was drafted, according to sun prevention data giving by WHO. The research protocol was submitted for approval to the Ministry of Education in Greece. The results from this study will be published and enrich the scientific knowledge. They also intend to increase future health education on sun protection in schoolchildren.

Conclusions: This study aims at giving information about adolescents’ knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding sun-related risks and prevention measures as well. The results (in press) will enrich scientific knowledge and will also activate health education programmes regarding sun protection in the future.

Key Words: sun protection, melanoma, adolescents, sunscreen, sun radiation

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