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The phenomenon of internet addiction has been increasing in recent years, especially in young populations. A main feature of this type of addiction is that people make excessive use of the internet without being able to control it. However, prevention is possible and an early diagnosis can lead to better treatment. The purpose of the present review was to investigate the potential role of nurses in the prevention and management of Internet addiction in young populations. For this purpose, a bibliographical review was conducted, which was based on Greek and international bibliography. Primary studies and literature reviews were sought, which had been published in Greek and international scientific journals. The main tool for the retrieval of bibliography was the Internet. According to the current scientific literature, there are groups at high risk of suffering from Internet addiction, such as people with attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, low self-esteem, and at financial distress. Furthermore, current research suggests that Internet addiction can coexist with other pathological conditions, physical or mental, and its management includes counseling interventions for individuals and their social environment. The provision of information is very important in order to prevent and diagnose young people’s Internet addiction in a timely manner and to successfully manage it. Nurses can actively contribute to tackling this modern phenomenon.

Key words: Internet addiction, management, nurses, prevention, teenagers, young people

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