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Introduction: In the present study becomes effort of imprinting of data of bibliography with regard to the phenomenon of increase of demand of alternative forms of treatment from the citizens. These forms used by citizens exclusively, or in combination with services in the models of orthodox western medicine.
Analyze the basic differences between them as they are impressed in the healing approach, in the scientific documentation, in the social payments and in the healing relation between patient and healer. Also are elected the points that every forms of treatment focus on its interest and practice its work.

Aim: The investigation of reasons that the citizens are internationally turned to the search of different forms of treatment from the classic western medicine.

Results: In the increase of use of alternative forms of treatment contribute a lot of factors. They are related with social – demographic characteristics and specifically the age, the sex, the education, the economic situation, the level of health and the personal perception of individual for his unsatisfied needs from the provided conventional medical care. Other factors are related with the philosophy and the attitude of life, the perceptions, the structure of society in a given historical moment for a determined geographic space and the diachronically existing attitudes and convictions for the health and the illness.

Conclusions: From the analysis of bibliography it becomes obvious that the classic orthodox medicine and the various methods of alternative treatment are not driven back essentially from each other. On the contrary they can function additionally from each other to profit of health of citizens.

Key words: Alternative forms of treatment, biomedical model

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