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The benefit of nursing care is a multidimensional phenomenon with various reactions from the patients and from nurses as well. The interest in clinical practice of health-care scientists is increased, year by year, and this is appeared by the publications in the television and magazines. Patient care is mainly nurses responsibility and never it was not as important as in our days. Public’s expectations have been increased so that the patients and their families complain when the provision of health care is not good. Nursing, as a science, should follow the changes that taking place in health care in order to correspond to new challenges. The paper describes the models of providing nursing care that are used today, analyzing team nursing as the “predominance” model that can be applied in Greece.The advantages of the model are reported and the plan of application is described.The roles of nursing staff are determined and the cost of the change is reported.

It is generally accepted that whichever model of providing nursing care we are using into practice, neither the objective of nursing care it changes but also not the quality of care to patients.

Key words: team nursing, providing care, plan

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