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The need for evaluation in the space of health was created mainly because the disputed effectiveness of many therapeutic interventions and services of health, but also due to the organizational and administrative lacks that lead to loss of resources and to inflation of expenses for the health.With the term “Evaluation”, is comprehended the estimate, with systematic way, of the degree of achievement of planned in advance and also predetermined aims and objectives, in concrete time interval, with objective aim the confirmation of the achievement of this objectives, as well as the means and the activities that are used for this achievement. The evaluation is considered as an integral and important piece of planning, organization and administration of each service or system of health. In this article it is attempted:

  • A synoptic & systematic examination of the most important indicators of the evaluation of the therapeutic interventions, the operation of the services of the health and the health of the population, in the planning of policies of health.
  • The appointment of the social and political dimension of the evaluation and the formulation of certain thoughts and reflections.

Key words: effectiveness, efficiency, equity, evaluation, health

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