Home > Issue 2 (Volume 5) > The health conditions of the Greek population today. Factors and indicators on health burden, morbidity and mortality indicators and the contribution of health prevention, promotion and education.
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Introduction: The paper presents the health conditions of the Greek population using the statistics of the ELSTAT, EUROSTAT and OECD.

Literature Review: Various health indicators as well as health factors in a population are discussed, while the statistics about Greece are compared to those referred to other countries, EU member-states and OECD members. The definition of terms such as health prevention, health promotion and education is discussed, while their contribution to the improvement of the health conditions of the Greek population is also briefly addressed.

Conclusions: It is concluded that compared to the population of other EU member-states and OECD members –where statistics are available-, the population of Greece has reached a satisfactory level of health conditions, whereas there is also some room for further improvement. Among the consequences of the economic crisis in Greece we highlight an emerging tension for deterioration of health and life conditions in the country. In this case projects of health prevention, promotion and education are essential and can hold a crucial role towards the reversal of this tension.

Keywords: health prevention, health indicators, morbidity, mortality, health promotion, prevention

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