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Introduction: Knowledge of First Aid is essential and it adds to the health promotion of the person, family and the community.

Purpose: To investigate whether First Aid health education programs in the community are effective. Specifically (a) to what extent the public has knowledge in First Aid, (b) to what extent First Aid health education programs are conducted and (c) to what extent those programs are effective according to their aims.

Method: A bibliographical critical review was employed using MEDLINE and Elsevier Publishing Company. Inclusion criteria were the language in Greek and in English and the years 1990-2011.

Results: Eighteen articles were retrieved which were two reviews, eight descriptive studies, four quasi experimental studies without control group and four quasi experimental studies with control group.

Conclusion: In overall First Aid health education programs seem to be effective. Nevertheless, the public shows low levels of knowledge, there is a need for more repetitive programs and there is a need for removing factors that prevent the knowledge from being practically used.

Key words: Community, Effectiveness, Evaluation, First Aid, Health education

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