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Introduction: The economical crisis is accompanied by phenomena such as the unemployment, the economical misery of the population, the weakening of the health care system, the increase of specific diseases’ prevalence and the overall unreleased of the health care system in a community.

Review’s results: Unemployment, low income and poverty result to the health care expenditures’ restriction, to the delay in therapy and very often to the absence of access to the health care services. Additionally, the economical crisis and its accompanied phenomena result to major consequences to both mental and physical health of the population. Addiction related problems, non healthy lifestyle patterns adoption including the consumption of low dietary content foods, the increased smoke and alcohol consumption and the inadequate health disease management by the health care system are some of the negative consequences of the economical crisis to health.

Conclusions-Suggestions: The policy makers have to protect and defend health putting it as a major priority independently to the awful economical conditions. The effective and consistent adoption of measures, the reformations and the adoption of alternative sources of foundations can prevent phenomena such as the misery and the decimation of the health care system. The development of economical support programs, the defense of unemployment, the empowerment of public health organizations and the support of sensitive groups such as the unemployed should consist the main community’s priorities during economic recession periods.

Key-words: disease, economic crisis, health, mortality, unemployment

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