Cultural differences, attitudes and perceptions regarding menopause

ABSTRACT Menopause, in many parts of the world, is considered as an important issue in a woman’s life. It begins with the permanent cessation of menstruation and is a period of transition and adaptation to a new condition characterized by lack of estrogen and loss of...
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Looking into the knowledge and attitudes of nurses regarding mourning and burial customs of people with different cultural background

ABSTRACT Introduction: Death is an uncomfortable situation for everyone. Due to the nature of nursing profession, a nurse comes everyday face to face with death. Undoubtedly, this is a difficult procedure that becomes even more difficult when the deceased has a different cultural...
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Elective cesarean section as a woman’s choice: a narrative literature review

ABSTRACT The natural childbirth is the most indicated way of birth, while the cesarean section (C-section) is an intervening procedure that includes risks and is addressed to women with serious medical contraindications for natural birth. However, there has been a rapid increase...
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Compliance and Health Professionals’ role: The case of osteoporotic patients

ABSTRACT Osteoporosis is considered to be a major public health issue worldwide. Despite the large number of effective medication regimens available, patients’ non-compliance in treatment is one of the most common obstacles when attempting to achieve best therapeutic results...
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Critical Review Transcultural Nursing as a Theoretical Framework in Support of Disaster Nursing

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ABSTRACT We would like to express our gratitude to Maria Gkika for sharing her experience in the case study and our teacher As. Prof. Panagiota Sourtzi whose stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped us to accomplish this review. Intoduction: Today’s nurses, in the...
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