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In an international level, the effort of reducing the mean time of hospitalization in secondary and tertiary health care institutions constitutes a common practice. Modern technologies provide the possibility of reliable and empowered health care, out of hospitals. This fact becomes very important given that in contemporary societies the population older than 65 years old constantly increases. “Smart Wearable Biomedical Systems” could play a key-role in the preventive health care. The present article constitutes a thorough study, based on the review of relevant printed and on-line Greek and International literature. The purpose of the study is to present current situation about “Smart Wearable Biomedical Systems”, focusing on the monitoring of cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. Topics like telemedicine, telecare, informatics’ and communications’ technologies are presented as well. Additionally, concepts relatively biological signs and the operation of biosensors regarding measuring vital parameters of human body are described.

Keywords: Telemedicine, wearable systems, biosensors, life signs, health services, telecommunications, telecare,
smart clothes.

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