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Introduction: Patient’s safety consists the main aim of strong efforts of international medical and scientific organizations and institutions. Regarding anesthesia scientific field, patient’s safety is defended by the implementation of records, such as the check list and the record and report of the adverse events in the perioperative environment. There have been several efforts to establish regulations that promote safety in the perioperative care.

Aim: This study aims to review the existing knowledge regarding safety and quality during anesthesia.

Results: WHO suggests the Check List as a method to enhance safety practices and to culture the teamwork and communication among members involved during surgery. Recent data show that the implementation of Check List results to mortality and perioperative complications’ reduction. The European guidelines include guidelines regarding the preoperative patients’ management,, the equipment, the audits and the labeling of syringes and routes of administration.

Conclusions: The protection of patient’s health and the defendence of the perioperative safety require the implementation of other interdisciplinary checklists and the strict compliance of the related guidelines.

Key- words: anesthesia, check list, guidelines, safety, surgery

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