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The aim of the present research work is to study the utilisation of robotics in surgical science. We discuss the functionality of the daVinci robotic system , its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the specialities in which robotics surgery is applied. The daVinci robotic system is worldwide the first and unique system of robotics surgery so far used for performing surgical operations. Its advantages are multiple, including endoscopic execution of microsurgical operations, stability and detail in execution of surgical movements etc. Nevertheless, there are important disadvantages as well, including high cost, which are further examined in the present work. Indeed, robotics surgery is applied in a lot of specialities of medical science. An essential requirement for the correct application of robotics surgery is the continuous education and training of medical and nursing staff.

Keywords: laparoscopic surgery, daVinci robotic system , robotics surgery, surgical console, surgical field, technology Endo-Wrist.

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