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Background: In European Union, occupational stress is second in frequency as a health problem related with occupation affecting 28% of employees. Occupational stress is a psychosocial risk factor in occupational field and it is present when occupational demands overcome the ability to address or control the situation.

Objectives: Research of occupational stress in the nursing staff of a General University Hospital of Athens and identification of any differences in factors related with stress in both samples under investigation. Thesis plan: The population sample consisted of nurses and nursing assistants working in a General University Hospital of Athens and a regional General University Hospital.

Participants: The study sample consisted of 140 nurses and nursing assistants, selected with a randomization technique.

Methods-Results: In order to collect the scientific data we used the following methods:

1) The occupational stress scale of Kahn et al (1964).

2) A general information questionnaire. The statistical tool SPSS Version 15 was used for analysis. According to the findings of the present study, nurses suffer from occupational stress without any significant differences between the two samples. Increased work overload and conflict between professional and family roles contribute to the development of stress.

Conclusions: The evaluation of occupational conditions and the search for factors which potentially harm employees’ health is essential for effective prevention. Preventing occupational stress and occupational health in general, as well as dealing with safety hazards should be an integral part of management policies and of provisional and safeguarding procedures for improvement of health care quality.

KEYWORDS: Nursing staff, occupational stress

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