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The number of women with renal disease who manage not only to conceive, but also bear healthy children has increased recently thanks to advances in the field of medicine. However, renal disease during pregnancy often poses risks for both mother and fetus. Complications of pregnancy in a fetus whose mother suffers from renal disease range from premature birth to serious health problems, in some cases even death. Conversely, pregnancy often adversely affects the progression of mother’s kidney disease by worsening maternal clinical picture, accelerating disease progression or even causing irreversible impairment of renal function.

The aim of this paper is to present the impact of various types of renal disease on pregnancy outcome and the measures to be taken so that this outcome is the best possible. This paper, also, aims to present the latest knowledge and developments regarding renal disease during pregnancy.
This overview concludes that the majority of pregnancies of women with renal disease can have a proper course and a good outcome thanks to modern methods of prevention and treatment, provided that appropriate measures are taken and pregnancy be treated with caution.

Keywords: Pregnancy, maternal outcome, fetal outcome, renal disease.

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