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Introduction: Cancer consists a major public health problem because of its growing epidemic rates despite of the medical science progress. Nowadays, cancer consists the second cause of death worldwide following cardiovascular disease.

Results: According to World Health Organization 84 million people will die due to cancer disease from 2005 to 2015 without any intervention, while a percentage of 40% of cancer cases is preventable and can be effectively treated. Cancer consists one of the key problems of the global community and its efficient control requires the entire collaboration of both the government and the non-government organizations in national and international level. Cancer mortality rates vary between the geographical regions of a country differs by sex and different age groups which is of high interest for further investigation and accurate mapping and decoding. Additionally, the investigation of the existing actions against cancer in other countries and, consequently, the adoption of similar practices in Greece are considered to be vital.

Conclusions-Suggestions: Cancer consists a phenomenon with many inequalities worldwide. As a result, global community should be organized by putting clear aims and by supporting prevention, treatment, educational and research programs.

Key words: prevalence, incidence, prevention, cancer, Greece, Europe

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