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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic syndrome, which has serious implications at ones individual, family and socioeconomic status. Diabetes mellitus can take epidemic proportions and can cause significant changes in one’s life, as it is a disease associated with many complications. The purpose of this study is to investigate the quality of life of patients with this disease, like the majority of chronic diseases, in the global science scene. The quality of life is now used extensively as a marker for evaluating therapeutic interventions.

The survey was conducted on a random sample in the region of Thessaly on 34 diabetic patients. The process of participation in the survey included the voluntary and anonymous participation in the self-complete of a questionnaire which consisted, by questions of recording information on demographics k anthropocentric elements, the generic Health Assessment Questionnaire SF-36 questionnaire. For the analysis of data obtained, the statistical program SPSS was used.

The findings highlight as key determinants of health-related quality of life of sex, marital status, education, coexisting diseases, obesity and diabetes years. The type 2 diabetes is a disease with highly significant medical, social and economic impact thus it is necessary to create educational, health promotion and prevention programs, which could intervene decisively to change the factors that seem to affect the quality of life patients.

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