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Introduction: Rabiesisa viral diseaseof the central nervoussystem, being an infectiousdisease caused by a filterable virus.

Purpose: Thisstudyidentifies thepreventive measuresagainst the virusandtreatment of peopleinfected withthe virus.

Literature Review: Extensive review of the recentrelevant literature in electronic databases(Pub med, Google scholar)and scientific journals was performed using keywords: rabies, prevention and treatment of rabies, impacts. Rabies virus is transmitted to human and other animals by biting and by saliva of infected animals or by contact with a section of skin having a wound.They have also reported cases of transmission of the virus through the air and through hematophagous bats. Finally have been reported outbreaks that have been transmitted through organ transplantation

The virus migrates from the entry gate of the brain of the victim. During the incubation period, which lasts 20-40 days in man and 15-30 days in animals, usually are not manifested clinical symptoms. The rabies virus is particularly dangerous (up fatal) if it is not treated promptly and for this reason it would be beneficial all people to take preventive measures (e.g. rabies vaccines, rabies sera) in order to be protected against a possible virus attack.According to the World Health Organization, approximately 60,000 people every year die from rabies virus. It is also worth mentioning that many international organizations (WHO, American Health Organization, Institute Pasteur, etc.) have been actively involved with the rabies virus in recent years. It has also been adopted and World Day against the rabies virus on 28 of September.

Conclusions: On the occasion of the last confirmed rabies outbreaks in many areas of Northern Greece and due to the fact that Greece was free of rabies since 1987, it is essential the healthcare professionals and the public to be informed about the prevention and treatment of rabies.

Keywords: Rabies, Treatment, Effects, Prevention

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