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Nursing care covers the whole range of hospital services. In many surveys, patient satisfaction from nurse care has been identified as the most important factor influencing overall patient satisfaction.This paper refers to a part of a wider survey aiming to categorize services provided by a public hospital on the three levels of quality, according to Kano’s model. Based on the model, the quality characteristics are grouped on three distinctive levels: expected quality (characteristics deemed as given/basic), desired quality (characteristics whose performance affects satisfaction) and attractive quality (characteristics which create added value and can bring high levels of satisfaction).The paper analyzes the results of the survey on citizen satisfaction from the local public hospital and categorizes the characteristics on the three aforementioned quality levels. One of the parameters examined was personnel, further analyzed in medical and nursing personnel as well as other supporting personnel.The results show that the personnel in general and the nursing personnel in particular is a must-be quality characteristic, and thus it constitutes a major component of the services provided by a public hospital.

Keywords: quality in health services, nursing personnel, Kano’s model

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