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Pressure ulcers are clinical-healthcare disorders that require a highly-skilled healthcare team, because of the multiple aetiological complexity of pressure ulcers and the frequent multiple pathological characteristics of individuals at risk. Thanks to their specific role in resolving this disorder, their accountability in handling pressure ulcers and the continuity of care they provide, nurses are in particular the health professionals who can ensure high quality competences and provide appropriate advice.

In Italy, the practical experiences of Nursing Advisory Centres for pressure ulcers are still very few, so in our study we described the experience of a Hospital in Northern Italy.

Aim: To evaluate the patient outcomes of nursing advice interventions for pressure ulcers by checking whether the ulcers improved or worsened.

Methods: We performed systematic prevalence and incidence studies on the indicators for healthcare outcomes.The studies were conducted throughout the hospital, bearing in mind the differences linked to the characteristics of the various departments.

Results: We found that Nursing Advisory interventions proved to be effective in preventing the onset of new pressure ulcers and at limiting the extension and the aggravation of those already existing.

Conclusions: Advanced nursing practise is an opportunity for development within the professional community. Nurse Advisors, during interventions, allowed to fill initial gaps, providing guidance to other nurses especially when it came to designing and identifying the most appropriate healthcare strategies.

Keywords: Risk management, pressure ulcers, nursing advice, prevention

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