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Background: Global climate change has had and will have considerable effects on human health.Νursing must become more centrally involved in mitigation, reducing the acidity and response efforts of the problem. Aim: The presentation based on international literature review, of a framework for nursing action on climate change. Data Sources: Method was used is to search electronic databases (MEDLINE, CINAHL) for a review of international literature until 2009 and became selection of books, articles and studies from libraries.

Results: Given the climate change, developed a working framework for serious professional thinking and action on community nursing. Like many other professions, so the nursing world should now raise the question of how it could contribute, and that could perhaps be better focused individual and collective efforts.The four main components of the framework for action are: the usual tactics, to maximize the skills, the right of priority sites and public grants. Conclusions: The nursing should be linked closely with other professions and sectors in order to maximize national and international efforts to mitigate and combat climate change.The profession’s response to climate change should be as varied as the sector itself, and from all countries.

Key Words: Climate change, nurses, nursing action, environment.

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