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Mobile health (mhealth) is a novel technology of e-health with applications available for health services as well, affecting the provision of care in a wide range of diseases and group of patients. The contribution of telecommunications and technological applications to surgical care has been documented in the scientific literature. The purpose of this study was to describe mobile phones’ applications in the care provision to surgical patient. A review of the contemporary literature was conducted on the database PubMed/Medline and the search engine Google Scholar with keywords. Data were extracted according to eligibility criteria, analyzed and synthesized. The literature review revealed that mobile phones’ applications are evident during the perioperative care, especially preoperatively and in postoperative follow up. These applications were found to have a positive impact on the surgical patient, the health personnel and the health care organizations, enhancing safety and quality as well as a patient-centered model of the care provided. Moreover, these findings form the basis for further research in the care continuum, from hospital to post hospitalization care.

Key words: Applications (apps), mobile health, mobile/smart phone, perioperative care, surgical patient

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