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AIM: The aim of the present research is to investigate the patient’s satisfaction of the medical services rendered in the morning Outpatients’ Departments of the Anti-Cancer Hospital «METAXA». Through the recording of the patients’ opinions as well as the identification of the factors that contribute to the satisfaction, we will point out organizational and functional problems of the Outpatients’ Department, which will contribute to find solutions to upgrade the quality of the services rendered.

MATERIAL/METHODOLOGY: For the collection of data a questionnaire which included closed type questions (Likert 5-scale type) was used. The questions concerned the demographic and social elements of the patients, as well as questions concerning the process of services offered by the outpatients’ department of the hospital. The sample of this research was consisted of 100 patients who visited the morning outpatients’ department in December 2009.

RESULTS: The results of the research showed that the level of satisfaction for oncological patients was high. The highest level of satisfaction was expressed for the medical services due the relationships developed with the doctor and patient’s confidence in that doctor. Problems occurred in the function of the morning Outpatients’ Department due to the long waiting time from the arranging of the appointment to the day of examination, the lack of choice for the day and time of appointment and the long waiting time at the day of examination. No important demographic or social factors were found that affected the results of the survey of the sample group although it was evident that the medical status, the educational level and sex of the patient did play a role.

CONCLUSION: The research revealed a high level of satisfaction for the medical services offered by the medical, nursing and administrative staff who works at the morning Outpatients’ Departments at Anti-Cancer Hospital «METAXA». The patients were found to be less satisfied by the morning clinics due to the long waiting time from the arranging of the appointment to the day of examination and the long waiting time to see the doctor on the day of the appointment. These particular problems need to be fully understood by the Administration in order to find a solution to upgrade the quality of services provided by the Hospital.

Key words: health services, quality, patient’s satisfaction, oncological patients, outpatients’ department

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