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Leaving nursing profession is a problem that occurs throughout the world with an increasing intensity. The main causes of the problem are identified with burnout of nurses, in hospital organizational structures that fail to provide a creative environment for the development of nursing staff, inadequate policies on education, training, compensation and rewards, etc. The purpose of this article is to describe measures to improve the indicators that should be taken by the administration of a private hospital. Some necessary measures may be the transformation of the working environment, the involvement of nurses in decision-making about care, restructuring of the working environment for nurses to be more ergonomic and require less physical effort and creating a safe environment. The general conclusion is that the policies of the administration of a private hospital would have to change in order to reduce staff absences and therefore to maintain the level of care provided. Of course the problem of leaving nursing profession is not a problem for any private organization separately, but requires parallel activation of various bodies and organizations and the Government as well as of the wider society.

Keywords: Absenteeism, job satisfaction, nurse, resignation

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