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Background: Literature review has focused on occupational health issues associated with musculoskeletal system. Nursing personnel, a group with serious incidents of low back pain (LBP) and injuries, have attracted researchers’ attention. The objectives of this research are to explore factors affecting the onset of LBP incidents in nursing personnel (NP), aiming at suggesting prevention and coping techniques.

Design/Methods: Dutch Musculoskeletal Questionnaire (DMQ) was distributed to NP of a general hospital (85F, 15M) and it was filled anonymously. NP on long term sick leave and pregnancy/maternity leave were excluded.

Results: Our NP have mean age 38.39(±5.9) years and Body Mass Index 25.11(20.44-37.97) kg/m2. Forty six and forty nine percent of NP carry more than once a day >5Kg and >20Kg, respectively. Ninety percent of NP experienced low back pain last year, grading its intensity with 4.89. NP experiences LBP after carrying weight (53.8%) and classifies it as sharp, sudden localised pain (43%). Half of the NP prefers taking painkillers.

Conclusion: Implementation of patient handling regulations, team lifting when required and training nurses, in both schools and workplaces, on handling weights and on using mechanical aids in everyday work, is essential. However, when the problem is established visiting specialised doctors and physiotherapists is prerequisite, combining a special exercise program.

Key words: hospital, nurse, lift load, low back pain, move load

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