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Objective: The nursing staff has especially important roles and its contribution to the hospitals’ efficiency is enormous.The job satisfaction of the nursing personnel has been in the last decades an object of study in the international literature.The goal of the present study was to review the existing literature on nurses’ job satisfaction in the hemodialysis unit

Plan & Review methods: MEDLINE data base was searched using hemodialysis, nurse, job satisfaction, burn out” as entry words .The existing literature in Greek language was also searched. Dissertations in Greek and books were searched as well. Results: According to the literature, overall low job satisfaction is traced in nurses and hemodialysis units are no exception to this. The main reason, as it is concluded from international studies is the conditions for practicing nursing; these are related much less to the nature of the work, and much more to organizational issues which reflect the structure and the problems of the health systems.

Conclusions: The job satisfaction is a high priority issue that the nursing institutions around the world must deal with carefully. In regard to the Greek field, more surveys are required in order to examine in depth which factors and to what extent define the nurses’ job satisfaction in our country.

Key words: job satisfaction, professional burn out, nurse, hemodialysis unit

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