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Introduction: Quality in healthcare services means doing the right things, making continuous improvements in order to get the best results, being interested in satisfying both healthcare providers and recipients.

Aim: To investigate the views of health professionals on the quality of the provided health and social care services.

Methodology: A cross-sectional study was carried out on healthcare professionals working in public and private healthcare organizations in December 2017 and January 2018. In total, the study involved 155 healthcare professionals who answered 25 questions on the dimensions of quality and the way they perceive the quality of the provided healthcare to its recipients. Data were collected using a structured anonymous self-report questionnaire. Statistical analysis was performed with the SPSS 24.0 statistical package.

Results: The majority of the sample was female (75%) with higher education (44.5%) holding a master’s or doctorate degree (45.2%). Participants (86%) consider integral to providing quality healthcare services a combination of appropriate patient care that was linked to a framework of continuous evaluation, control and improvement even after treatment ended. Furthermore, as healthcare quality characteristics are considered the healthcare professional’s satisfaction of their relationship with the user of the services regarding the amount of information provided to the later and the provision of personalized services (>80%). In addition, empathy of health professionals (82%), compliance with the standards and quality of procedures (68%) are qualitative parameters.

Conclusions: The way healthcare professionals perceive the quality of customer/user interaction with healthcare services, empathy, personalized care and long-term utility are among the most important quality parameters of health services.

Keywords: Health professionals, Quality dimensions, Quality of health services, Satisfaction

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