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Introduction: Health is in a continuous interdependence relationship not only to pathophysiological, but also to social factors that act in cooperation with the establishment of a dynamic balance between society and health concepts.

Aim: The aim of the present study is the presentation of the factors which substantially affect and influence the individuals’ health.

Literature review: The review that was conducted, it was based on international and Greek data bases. (Medline, Pub Med, Cinahl, Scopus) and (Ιatrotek), (1995-2010). Important information was drawn also from Greek and foreign language books.

Results: The relationship between health and society is interdependence and interactive as well and occurs since the appearance of the first societies. The sociological approach of health’s concept supports that the society and its structures, facilitates the establishment of an active interaction between health and society. The demographic characteristics, the geographic area, the socio-economic, cultural and environmental factors, are the main factors of this interaction, as well as the accessibility to the health care facilities.

Conclusions: The health and disease are involved in all aspects of the social life, without being separated from values, stereotypes, beliefs and daily behavior of a society.

Key words: Health, society, social representation, social relationships

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