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Introduction: Vaccination of healthcare professionals is an essential part for the decrease of the infectious diseases transmitted within Healthcare settings, as well as for the reductions of the absenteeism due to illness. Because of their contact or infective materials, many healthcare professionals are at high risk for exposure to and possible transmission of vaccine preventable diseases.

Aim: The aim of thee present study was to review the literature regarding immunization and recommended vaccinations for healthcare professionals.

Materials and methods: Methodology included reviewing research studies mainly in the computerized database «pubmed» regarding recommended vaccinations and immunization of health professionals. Literature review: According to the literature, the main reasons of vaccination is the personal protection from disease and immunization due to work, as well as to prevent disease transmission by health professionals to and from patients, while reasons for lack of vaccinations included negligence, lack free vaccines, working night shifts, as well as concerns about side effects and misconceptions about the effectiveness of vaccines.

Conclusions: Education about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines is the key to the acceptance of vaccines by healthcare professionals .Immunization schedules should be planned by taking under consideration the specific needs existing in every healthcare setting. Emphasis should be placed on individual responsibility for maintaining immunization records and update vaccination status.

Keywords: Healthcare workers, recommended vaccinations, tuberculosis, vaccination, influenza, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, infectious diseases.

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