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The aim of the present study is to look into the renal patients’ ability to exercise. Three exercise protocols were found in the literature: at a rehabilitation centre, during haemodialysis session and at the patients’ house. The aim of the exercise protocols is cardiorespiratory and muscular strengthening, as well as flexibility. The main principles of the exercise programmes are load,individualization and gradual implementation. In the article the changes in physical status, cardiovascular and muscular system and in endurance are presented. There is also a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of all exercise protocols.

In conclusion, exercise in a rehabilitation centre has more advantages, as more and different exercises can be implemented. Even though, renal patients should be encouraged to participate in any exercise programme, as the positive outcomes can be seen in their quality of life.

Key words: Chronic Kidney Disease, exercise protocols, endurance, strengthening, flexibility.

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