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Introduction: Assessing patient satisfaction is an important, constructive and substantial effort to highlight the quality of services provided.

Material and Method: A synchronous study was performed. The sample of the study consisted of 150 users of Primary Health Care services. The selection of patients was done by the method of random sampling. A weighted and structured questionnaire was used to conduct the research. Descriptive and inductive statistical analysis was performed with the Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS22.

Results: High percentages of positive satisfaction are shown by the cleanliness of the waiting room (74.6%), the cleanliness of the examination area (85.2%), the courtesy of the staff (78.8%), the handling procedures of the secretariat (73, 9%) and easy access (51.2%) to health structures. High percentages of dissatisfaction are presented by the narrowness of the waiting area (69%), the insufficient marking of the spaces (63.3%) and the difficulty of finding a weighting position (51.2%).

Conclusions: The results of the above study reinforce the bibliographic data and highlight as important factors for the satisfaction of the users of the primary health care structures the easy access, the cleanliness and the ergonomics of the premises as well as the good communication with the staff.

Key words: Patient satisfaction, Primary Health Care, quality

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