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Background: The nutrition of the burnt patients is of major importance due to their increased metabolism. Early start nourishment plays a very important role in the result of the illness.

Objectives: This study aims to estimate the role of nutrition of a burnt patient by relating the total calories received with the prices of total album in the blood serum.

Designs: In order to determine the effectiveness of nutrition, two formulas were used to calculate the calories of the nourishment received by the burnt, as proposed by international bibliography.Then the two applied formulas were compared. Participants The sample constituted of 16 patients that where hospitalized in the Increased Care for Burns Unit in Greece and had 20-30% of their total body surface burned (partial or total thickness).All the patients were adults between 25 to 68 years old and the sample was randomly selected.

Methods- Results: The study showed a positive cross-correlation between the calories received by the patient and the prices of total album. Using t test there was no apparent significant statistical difference, in the two administered methods of nourishment, regarding the sum of calories (t=0,226, p>0,05)

Conclusions: Consequently it is not significantly important which of the two formulas are used to calculate the calories administered since they both have the same effectiveness. It is important, however, to apply a health program that will lead to the cure of the illness.

Key Words: Nutrition, burn patient,Total albumins

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