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Introduction: The present study refers to the large problem of road accidents and their underlying factors. Specifically after a brief reference to the information we present the factors that influence the driving behaviour as well as behaviour models of healthcare that are used to interpret these factors.

Literature Review: The review was based on international databases and the articles selected were from the last decade. Following keywords were used for our inquiry: road accidents, behavior models of healthcare, public health.

Results: it was found that the perception of risk is a subjective case influenced by biological, psychological, social and economic factors. Further, the perception of risk exceeds the individual level and reflects social, ideological and cultural values.It is therefore clear that handling the problem and trying to change the driving behaviour of individuals in order to minimize road accidents cannot be of general nature. On the contrary the relevant strategies should include a series of targeted interventions that take into account during their design all those special factors so as the realization can be more effective.

Conclusions: Specifically in Greece, the state should adopt a series of measures reforming the learning process of driving and traffic rules and at the same time through negative advertising campaigns and all those factors that lead to risky driving behaviour (flaunt driving, alcohol, etc.).

Keywords: road accidents, behavior models of healthcare

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