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Nurse in the icu is called to create a proper therapeutic environment, that successfully corresponds in the patients physical and emotional needs.

Purpose: The purpose of the present study is to approach the very complicated item of the communication between Nurses and Patients in the ICU

Material and Method: They were studied more than 40 articles which were published the last 30 years. These articles were sought through internationally recognized search engines (Medline, Scopus, Mdconsult etc).

Results: The majority of the studies connect directly the patients inability to communicate with episodes of anxiety and terror during their stay in the icu area.

Conclusion: Although the problem of communication in the icu has been sufficiently studied, few things has been tried in practice.

Holistic nursing as an attitude and philosophy may enhance the nurses understanding of patients needs through the development of valid training and assessment tools for improving communication skills of the nursing team.

Key Words: ICU, Communication Strategies, Non Verbal Communication

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