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Introduction: Research has shown that cognitive psychotherapy combined with medication is the most research vested in efficiency and more tried-specific interventions to the treatment of depression and anxiety panic disorder.

Aim: The purpose of this case report is to demonstrate the benefits of the application of cognitive psychotherapy in patients with depressive disorder and anxiety panic disorder.

Case report: 62 years old woman was admitted for a suicide attempt. The patient underwent surgery due effort to cut her throat with a knife and was hospitalized at Surgical Clinic for two weeks. She was under observation by physicians for psychiatric and psychological assessment. She underwent cognitive psychotherapy. Treatment duration: 46 sessions. Administration of the questionnaire psychopathology SCL-90R, was given both before and after the therapy. The appropriate medication was administered.

Comment: This clinical case treated with the medication and cognitive psychotherapy. The differential diagnosis was bipolar disorder, according to the system ICD-10 classification of mental and behavioral disorders.

Conclusions: The cognitive psychotherapy combined with medication is an appropriate therapeutic approach for the treatment of depressive disorder and anxiety panic disorder.

Key words: cognitive, psychotherapy, depressive disorder, anxiety, treatment

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