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Aim: To translate a questionnaire that evaluates and validates the attitude of nurses’ attitudes towards death.

Method: 150 nurses completed this questionnaire. The initial DAP-R was constructed by Wong, P.T.P., Reker, G.T., and Gesser, G in 1994. It contains 32 questions and is separated in 5 sub levels where the participants are asked to answer a seven-level Likert scale (I absolutely agree to I absolutely disagree).

The DAP-R was translated in Greek and a psychometric evaluation of the tool was made. Prior translating and using the tools/questionnaires, permission was guaranteed by the authors. Translation was based on “Trust Scientific Advisory Committee” SAC: (double reversed translation) cultural adjustment, validation of the questionnaire. In order to validate the questionnaire certain psychometric tests were conducted to estimate the reliability and validity of the questionnaire, in addition control of factor analysis was also made.

Results: The factor «apofigi thanatou (Αποφυγή θανάτου)» overlaps with the aspect «Death avoidance». Moreover, the factor «fovos thanatou (Φόβος θανάτου)» consists of the same questions as the aspect «Fear of death». The factor «oudeteri apodoxi (Ουδέτερη αποδοχή)» overlaps with the aspect «Neutral acceptance». Questions 4, 8, 13, 16 and 31 based on the above analysis are included in factor «meso diafigis (Μέσο διαφυγής)» instead of aspect «Approach

Conclusion: The Greek version of DAP-R is a reliable and valid tool to estimate nurses’ attitude towards death.

Key words: death, nurse, validation.

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