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Aim of this study: Was the calculation of the cost of the most common medical and nursing procedures to the intensive care unit. Design/methods: Data were collected from 60 patients for 166 days of hospitalization.The study’s duration was about 5 months and the data collection started at 1/6/2005 and finished at 13/11/2005.The procedures which had been calculated were: the pressure ulcer care, the arterial line placement, the peripheral and central venous line placement, patient transportation for CT, the bronchoaspiration, the receipt of arterial blood gases, sputum and urine, the tracheostomy tube`s change, the Levin`s and the Swan-Ganz catheter placement.The statistical analyses were performed with SPSS 13 and χ2 tests.

Results: The patients had an average age of 53.62years. The cost of the procedures were found: central venous line placement 67.03±29.18 euro, arterial line placement 3.92±0.18 euro, tracheostomy tube`s change 17.23±0.33 euro, bronchoaspiration 3.32±0.03 euro, patient transportation for CT 0.49±0 euro, receipt of arterial blood gases 1.6±0 euro, sputum`s reception 3.46±0.56 euro, reception of urine 1.26±0.43 euro, pressure ulcer care 8.48±0.28 euro, peripheral venous line placement 1.71±0.28 euro, Levin`s placement 5.81±0.62 euro και placement of Swan-Ganz 265.94±0.86 euro.

Conclusions: The study show the cost of the most common medical and nursing procedures to an intensive care unit and the relation that the cost has with the experience of the health care providers.

Key words: Cost, experience, Pressure ulcer care, Bronchoaspiration, arterial blood gases, Arterial line, Peripheral line,Transportation for CT, Levin, Swan-Ganz

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