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Objective: Modern societies are multicultural and are composed of populations that differ not only in language, religion, values , family relations, but also in their views on the health, care, treatment. When there is culture itself, problems arise in communication are obvious and may lead to inadequate nursing care.

Purpose: This study involves a systematic literature review of studies on intercultural communication in health services through a modern approach.

Literature Review: Studies were sought in the databases PubMed and Scholar Google, associated with the interaction of communication for health professionals and patients with different cultural backgrounds.

Conclusions: Effective intercultural communication includes respect for cultural differences, the desire to gain knowledge of other cultures and cultural values, the ability to observe the behavior of the other without criticism and free from stereotypes. Health professionals working with patients from different cultures is necessary to provide nursing care with cultural competence and to seek the most effective ways of communicating.

Key-words: transcultural communication, mediation, health service

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