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The aim of the present inquiring work is the study and the analysis of clinical signs and symptoms of cranium- cerebral lesions, which are caused by the missile’s entrance in the human brain.The importance of lesions which are created depends significantly on the zones of missile’s way in the interior of cranium proportionally to its speed of entrance into this.The direct nursing and medical intervention are considered very important, because the cranium-cerebral lesions can lead to permanent infirmities.The medical and nursing staff should be suitably educated at the recognition of symptoms, which will place suspicions for existence of cranium- cerebral lesions, as well as at the correct confrontation of cranium-cerebral lesions with suitable handlings. The results of the research showed that the outcome of patients with cranium-cerebral lesion is unexpected and depends significantly on the direct and correct medical and nursing intervention.

Key – Words: cranium-cerebral lesion, entry’s wound, exit’s wound, hematoma, scale of Glaskovy, zones of missile’s way.

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