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Background: Cervical and breast cancer still remain two of the most common types of cancer worldwide, with a great mortality rate.The purpose of the present study was to investigate the participation of women in a Greek island in cervical and breast cancer screening tests. Mammography, Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) and Pap test were studied.

Material and method: Two hundred women from the broader area of the island of Chios filled in equal number of closed type questionnaires regarding the demographic information of the subjects, the usage of gynecological health care services and gynaecological cancer screening tests.

Results: The mean age of the women of the sample was 43± 11.02 years old. Rates of mammography. CBE and Pap test in the whole sample were 41.5%, 69.5% and 87%. Employed, engaged and women of high income had higher rates of Pap test.Women gratuates of high school or lower had higher percentages of mammography.Women over 40 yrs old had higher rates of all the three screening tests, at least once in a lifetime.

Conclusions: Pap test is the most frequent examination. Socioeconomic status is related to screening test utilization. Women of lower income underutilize screening services. Special attention should be paid to younger ages.

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