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In respect to the long history of Nursing science,our era,which is bestudded by brandlynew ,firstly appeared elements, undoubtedly constitutes the fuse of the designed upgrade in Nursing Science, strongly combined with the equivalent professional and labour exaltation. It is probably the first time that it is so well organised and legislated.

Nursing science and clinical application, are two notions so complementary and definite to one another that the development of the first does not make any good unless it is ensued by the correspondence of the second and vice versa. In other words, no matter how much the promotion of knowledge makes progress through research and technology advancement, the productive outcome will be the slightest if its potential for transformation into hands-on work production remains inefficient.

Certainly, the reasons why the argument outlined above might occur , are more or less well known to all of us who are involved with the subject in question. However, what is needed is to limit the causes which stem from the nursing community itself and then to search for responsibilities.

A number of factors resulted in the necessity of the self-regulation of the field, enriched with changes not only legislated but also commonly accepted.These factors were:

  • The heteronomy of education
  • the concession of the possibility of determination and securing of institutions with our community service in other professional fields as well as
  • the reinforcement of the centralistic model of Nursing Science,where the accumulated knowledge is unable to be obtained by nurses due to lack of the suitable channel.

As a result, the birth of HCN through the vote of the Law 3252/04, the existence of an elected Board and the beginning of the implementation of the provisions of the law in question, combined with the support from all the nurses of the state along with the appointment of the majority force, signal decisively a crystal clear and tenacious to time line, notifying to all directions that changes that follow for the filed can well be characterized as cosmogonic.

The Hellenic Chamber of Greece collaborates with notable colleagues from the field of education both from Greece and abroad who have risen to eminence for their work in Nursing Faculties that each one represents is inclined to believe that every avant-garde scientific idea will find a rich ground for expression in the pages of our journal.The one who may wish to study it what will find in this pages is the original works of systematic and verifiable knowledge as well as the searching efforts of definite key points of science via specific and sensible methods.

Towards this direction, by quantifying the present situation ,it can be supported without demur that the effort of this journal’s edition we are keeping in our hands ,constitutes one of the cornerstones in our broader effort for the establishment of a solid and scientifically accepted frame work of expression of new knowledge.The scientists will have the chance to publish their work in accordance with the internationally current principles of the equality of rights, objectivity and transparency.

Towards this direction, respecting to the particular value of each one of us as individuals identifies in a cause and effect manner the demanding way towards the reconstruction of our nursing community as a whole without any exclusions.The latter is justified by the fact that no one should ignore tha knowledge consists property of all of us,something we owe to secure as the apple of our eyes.

Let us all have a good start.

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