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The aim of the present inquiring work is the study of the missile’s effect of different caliber diameter and velocity, which enters in the thoracic cavity of the human body.The direct diagnosis and confrontation of wounds in the thorax are considered very important, while the wounds of the thoracic cavity can probably lead to instantaneous death or serious pathological situations, like blockage of windpipes, pneumothorax, bloodthorax, collection of pus in the pleura’s cavity, lesion and dysfunctions at the area of heart, which are potentially dangerous in the future.The results of the study showed that the importance of wounds of thoracic cavity depends on the missile’s characteristics, which enters in the thoracic cavity, and on the characteristics of thorax’s tissues that are affected.

Keywords: blockage of windpipes, characteristics of missile’s entrance, collection of blood in the cavity of pericardium, lesion, pneumothorax, thoracic cavity.

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