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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a global health issue which is associated with high risk for microvascular and macrovascular complications. Its treatment is based on the co-operation of an interdisciplinary healthcare team which helps the patient to combine the suitable medication with balanced lifestyle habits. In recent years, emphasis has been given to complementary to medication therapies. The purpose of this review is to present complementary to medication therapies for type 2 diabetes mellitus. In order to study this field a literature review in the databases such as Pubmed, Google Scholar was conducted during the period 2000-2018. Specifically, important is the role of micronutrients, such as: vitamin B3, vitamin E, magnesium for both prevention and treatment. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is beneficial to consume specific plants and herbs, while the way in which they are prepared and consumed is important. Yoga also has a beneficial effect on patient’s glycemic control and mental wellbeing. Acupuncture may be used as a supplemental therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus, as it appears to enhance insulin synthesis. Massage is also helpful as it reduces heart rate and stress by the relaxation that causes. Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy also appear to contribute to type 2 Diabetes Mellitus treatment by eliminating the toxins, triggering hormonal processes and reducing stress. It is remarkable that the use of alternative therapies is compatible with the use of conventional medicine. Their combination may provide an effective-holistic treatment for diabetic patients. This data should always be taken into consideration by healthcare professionals.

Key-words: Althernative medicine, alternative therapies, Diabetes Mellitus

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