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Introduction: Phlebitis due to vein infusion is a significant issue in clinical practice. Recent studies have shown that 25-70% of patients receiving infusion therapy present phlebitis (i.e. inflammation of a vein).

Objective: The aim of our study was to firstly introduce and implement a plan for the management of the peripheral venous catheter which would allow nurses to monitor and evaluate the evolution of the clinical conditions of the insertion site, and secondly see if this plan was effective in preventing phlebitis.

Methods: We used the following methods: a review of the literature, Andrew Jackson’s “Visual Infusion Phlebitis Score” and the NHS (National Health Service) Peripheral Venous Cannulation Policy data-gathering grid.

Results and Conclusions: The data produced by our research showed that throughout the period the Visual Infusion Phlebitis (VIP) Score was used, infusion phlebitis did not manifest in any of the patients included in our study.

KEY WORDS: Phlebitis Score, Prevention of Phlebitis, Paediatric Patients.

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