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Literature has shown that the quality of life (QoL) of women with breast cancer is not at high levels due to the fact that both the treatments as well as the breast cancer itself, can affect the physical, psychological and social functioning of the patient in different ways. In Greece, breast cancer is the first cause of cancer in women, and its incidents are more than 4,500 cases. The purpose of this review was to investigate the QoL and to explore the social support provided to women with breast cancer. Social support protects people from pathological and harmful effects of many stressful life events and can serve as a means of protection fromthe negative consequences of a health situation. Social support in women with breast cancer has been related to QOL and is essential for the treatment of breast cancer and the adjustment to the disease stress. Social support from family, friends and healthcare professionals decreases over time quantitatively and qualitatively. The main sources of emotional support of patients with breast cancer are usually family members, friends, healthcare professionals andvolunteers that have survived from breast cancer. Patients with breast cancer have a variety of support needs in order to face the life- threatening disease, needs that remain after surgery and treatment, and are still present for extended periods afterward.

Keywords: Quality of life, social support, breast cancer, sources, effects

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