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Introduction: Lamaze parenhood classes have a specific purpose in consulting and preparing young couples in order to become parents. It is a classic method of preparing women to give birth naturally that was first used in Russia by Pr.Nikolaiev and was applied to women early in 50s in France by Lamaze. It contains information about labor, breathing exercises, muscle exercises and relaxation while it is based οn the theory of Pavlov for contingent reflex actions.

Aim: The main purpose of this study was to analyze the six basic principles that are the main views of Lamaze method.

Review Method: A review of literature was done in international data bases with key words such as: Lamaze method, natural birth, psycho prophylaxis in order to find papers of the last decade, of which 32 retrospective και 20 research papers were found.

Results: The six basic principles of Lamaze theory are the followings: 1.Let labor begins on its own 2.Walk, move and change places during labor 3. Bring someone who is close to you, a doula, a brother or your husband to labor for continuous support 4. Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary 5. Avoid giving birth lying on your back and push in order to give birth in a way as your body commands and 6. Bring mother and neonate together immediately after birth. It is the best you can do for mother, neonate and breastfeeding.

Conclusions: Lamaze method has been for many years the most common used method for natural birth with the highest rates of success and patients ́ satisfaction (85-92%) while it is highly appreciated and accepted by midwives and doctors.

Key Words: Lamaze Method, natural birth, psycho prophylaxis

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